5 Motivational Quotes to Start your Week Right

What do we usually hate about Mondays?

Majority would most likely say that Mondays are the start of another work week (complete with a long sigh, as if you dread Mondays).


It’s actually how we all see Monday — the start of another long week, or the start of an amazing week (this, despite the deadlines and setbacks).

For me, it’s all in the way we view things; whether we choose to see it as it is – “can’t we have one extra weekend? Ugh!” or see it differently than others – “Wonder what I’ll learn today,” or “This will be an exciting week! I wonder what life has in store for me this time.”

TBH, today felt like I was dragging myself to work. And you’re thinking, ‘Why in the world is she telling me to see things differently when she, herself, feels like crap on a Monday?’

It’s ok. We’re ALL human beings and there will be times we will feel like the world is on our shoulders, not only on Mondays, but on every other day of the week. Especially when you started the day waking up on the wrong side of the bed, like what happened to me today (let’s just reserve that for another blog post or if I remember to. Haha!).

Fret not, because The Mommie is here to the rescue.

Here are the 5 Motivational Quotes to Start Your Week Right:
(*Credits to the owners of the pictures, which I got from Pinterest)

These are pretty much self-explanatory but allow me to say a little something about each quote.

 1. The best part about life…

Taken from my Pinterest, originally by

Life is actually all about choices.  From the moment we get out of bed until it’s bedtime once again.

It’s actually up to us whether we want to get up the moment our alarms ring and welcome a brand new day, or just stay in bed and let the first day of the work week pass you by without knowing what’s in store for you.  I mean, who knows?  You could get that raise you’ve always wanted, or that higher position you’ve been aiming for, or that cute guy (or girl) is finally going to ask you out.

Only YOU can decide whether you want to be happy or not, whether you want to be a better (and happier) version of yourself.  And if you do decide to do just that, then I suggest you get your arse up, stretch a little, or do some yoga or some sort of exercise you fancy, smile, and tell yourself that “Today is going to be a great day!  I am awesome and nobody has the right to make me feel bad unless I let them!” (or something like that).

2.  YOLO!

Taken from

No.  I do not mean the “millenial” YOLO where you go and be reckless and just live in the moment.

What I mean is that you are given this ONE life, whether we want to make a difference in this world or not.  So why not do something worthwhile that could have a positive effect on others?

Take that chance.

Want to learn a new language but don’t have the time to do it?  Make time for it.  Set aside a day or two to learn the basics or just a few words per week.  Remember that “little progress is better than no progress”.

Been wanting to talk to that girl (or boy) you like but worried he/she might just give you a cold shoulder and not talk to you?  Well, how will you know he/she won’t?  There’s still this 50% chance he/she will.  Why not look at it that way?  You don’t want to live your life full of “What ifs”, right?  If he/she indeed does not want to talk to you for reasons you may not understand, so what?  At least you know where you stand and you won’t keep on hanging on to something that wasn’t meant to be hung on to.  You won’t have that “What if” at the back of your head, and you get to move on with your life.

We can never turn back time.  Everyone knows that.

So whatever you can do today, don’t put it off ’til tomorrow.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring and you may not get to do it again.  Just, know your boundaries and limits and you’ll be fine.

3.  Gentlemen, start your engines!

Photo by Sheryl Scott on Twitter

This is somehow connected with #2, so I’ll just keep this one short.

I’m sure you’ve heard of this before or read this somewhere: “If not now, WHEN?

There’s actually some truth to that.

Let’s say you have this paper due Monday next week.  The professor gave this assignment to you in advance because there will be a week of no classes.  And  you have the entire 7 days to prepare for it because you want to be at the top of your class when you graduate.  But here you are, on a Wednesday, still doing nothing.  You try to put it off again because the weather is very tempting and your bed is just so fluffy you want to just drown in it.  Now it’s Thursday, you panic a little so you get up and do some research, maybe start writing a line or two.  It’s already late and you only have a couple of paragraphs done.  Bummer!

You know where I’m getting here.  We are all guilty of procrastinating, including me.  Sometimes, there is just one of those days where all you just want to do is lay in bed and catch up on some Zs.  But that’s not an excuse.  Sometimes you have to be the one to find the motivation and inspiration to just do what you’re supposed to be doing inorder to get the job done.

You won’t reach the finish line just standing up, waiting for it to get closer to you.  You have to start running.

If not now, when?

4.  You vs. ?

Taken from Karissa’s Blog

Every person is different.  From the hair on our head to shape of our toe nails.

Each one has a different path that was designed for us, and only for us.

Say you have this classmate in high school who was the top of their class.  Ten years after during your reunion, you see that he/she has won lots of awards, married a very successful entrepreneur and even have their own business together, has two well-rounded kids, the works.

So what?

Seems like he/she’s at the peak of his/her career.  But that doesn’t mean you won’t be equally successful as well.  Your time just hasn’t come yet.  Maybe you just need a little more work, but you will get there.  You just have to believe in yourself and your capabilities and have faith.

The sun and the moon both shine, but in their own time — the sun in the morning and the moon at night.

So whenever you feel like you’re being left out by everyone else, remember that you will soon get there.  Maybe not now, but you will.  Just keep the faith.

5.  Have a break, have a Kitkat!

have a break
Taken from my Pinterest Board

Every now and then we get tired and burned out.  That’s OK.

Our bodies need to recharge too.  We’re all humans after all.  We all have that “Reset” button that needs to be pressed every once in a while.  Our brain can’t function well enough if we are too tired.

I don’t just mean the good ‘ol R&R.  We also need to take good care of our bodies by eating right, getting some exercise and just enough sleep.  Maybe some vitamins too if we really need it.

When you start to eat right, exercise every once in a while just to get your blood pumping and sweat out all those toxins in your body, you will feel so much better.  You will feel more energized, more motivated, more inspired to work on your goals.  And next thing you know it, you’re just a few steps closer to your goals.

Chasing your own rainbows doesn’t mean you have to be a unicorn, be magical, and work day and night to get where you want to be.  Rest when you need to.  Be gentle on yourself.  You only have one body, so taking good care of it is your best bet of reaching your goals much faster.

Your body will thank you later.

So there you have it!  5 Motivational Quotes which I hope will help you get in the right mood and the right mindset so you can start your week right and end it with a bang (not literally of course).

Till next #MotivationalMonday!


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